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  • Antonia Apodaca

    biographical name | encyclopedia/music Pronounced: \an-tohn-yuh ab-uh-dah-kuh\ | IPA: /ænˈtoʊn yə ˈæb ə ˈdɑ kʌ/ Definition of Antonia Apodaca Antonia Apodaca. 1923- American musician. Long time music performer of New Mexico music, her music […]

  • New Mexican cuisine

    noun | encyclopedia/cuisine Definition of New Mexican cuisine New Mexican cuisine is rooted in a blend of the traditional foods of Pueblo and Neomexicano communities, adapted and modified most prominently […]

  • New Mexicana music

    noun / music genre | encyclopedia/music Pronounced: \noo mek-si-kah-naw\ | IPA: /nu ˈmɛk sɪˈkæn ə/ Definition of New Mexicana music a subgenre of New Mexico music, a style and genre of music originating in […]

  • Texas

    geographical name | encyclopedia Pronounced: \tek-suhs\ | IPA:/ˈtɛk səs/ Definition of Texas Texas is a State in the Southern United States of America, it has been a province and territory as Coahuila and Texas, the current […]

  • Constitution of the State of New Mexico

    The Constitution of the State of New Mexico, the basic written set of principles and precedents of State government in the U.S. State of New Mexico, which came into operation in 1912 and has sections by twenty-four articles.

  • New Mexico shrimp

    Shrimp are commonly eaten decapod crustaceans in coastal cities outside of New Mexico, and usually made available in New Mexico from nearby Texas. However, New Mexico shrimp was developed by New Mexico State University, well-known for its agricultural prowess since its early 1800s horticultural developments on the New Mexico chile pepper. New Mexico shrimp is farm-raised on a humane diet of cottonseed, in a ecologically responsible manner, while still providing plenty of clean water space to ensure clean shrimp. NMSU has developed the New Mexico Shrimp Company to encourage further development.

  • 505 / 575

    Telephone area codes for New Mexico. 505 is the oldest of the two, it used to cover the entire state, but now covers Central New Mexico and Northwestern New Mexico. 575 covers the other regions of the state.

  • North Central New Mexico

    geographic name Definition of North Central New Mexico A region of New Mexico, centering in Santa Fe County, and encompassing Los Alamos County, Rio Arriba County, and Taos County. Located in […]

  • Northwest New Mexico

    geographic name Definition of Northwest New Mexico A region of New Mexico, known as Indian Country, encompassing Cibola County, McKinley County, and San Juan County. Located in this region are the […]

  • Central New Mexico

    geographic name Definition of Central New Mexico A region of New Mexico, centering around the large Albuquerque Metropolitan Area in Bernalillo County, and encompassing Sandoval County, Torrance County, and Valencia County. […]