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50 57

505 / 575

area codes
Pronounced: \fahyv-oh-fahyv\ \fahyv-sev-uh n-fahyv\
IPA: /faɪv ˌoʊ faɪv/ /faɪv ˈsɛv ən faɪv/

Definition of 505 / 575



[ fahyv-oh-fahyv ] / faɪv oʊ faɪv / (fīv ō fīv)

  1. noun. the original North American telephone area code for the entirety of New Mexico, today covering central, north central, and northeastern portion New Mexico.
  2. interjection. slang for New Mexico.


[ fahyv-sev-in-fahyv ] / faɪv ˈsɛv ɪn faɪv / (fīv sĕv′ən fīv)

  1. noun. the North American telephone area code for northern, northwestern, western, southern,and southeastern portion New Mexico.
  2. interjection. slang for New Mexico.

Examples of 505 / 575

“Cinco Zero Cinco” by Miranda Hartzog

Importance of 505 / 575 within New Mexico

505 was used as an identifier for New Mexico for such a long time that it became a source of simple recognition for the region. And, as such, became a unifying concept for many New Mexicans. When 575 was introduced their was a slight backlash throughout New Mexico, but within a matter of months, the same fervor for the identity arose. Instead of dividing the state it instead it provided an additional symbol of New Mexico.

Origin of 505 / 575

505 was one of the first area codes created by the North American Numbering Plan in 1947. The number was the only area code for New Mexico until 60 years later, in 2007, when 575 was introduced. Now both are used interchangeably without regard for personal origin area code.