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  • New Mexican cuisine

    noun | encyclopedia/cuisine Definition of New Mexican cuisine New Mexican cuisine is rooted in a blend of the traditional foods of Pueblo and Neomexicano communities, adapted and modified most prominently […]

  • New Mexican English

    accent, dialect, language | part of: encyclopedia/language Pronounced: \noo mek-si-kuhn ing-glish\ | IPA: /nu ˈmɛk sɪ kən ˈɪŋ glɪʃ/ Definition of New Mexican English The American English language as used […]

  • New Mexicana

    noun | encyclopedia/culture Pronounced: \noo mek-si-kah-naw\ | IPA: /nu ˈmɛk sɪˈkæn ə/ Definition of New Mexicana things and style thought to be typical of the U.S. state of New Mexico or its culture. Example: New […]

  • New Mexicana music

    noun / music genre | encyclopedia/music Pronounced: \noo mek-si-kah-naw\ | IPA: /nu ˈmɛk sɪˈkæn ə/ Definition of New Mexicana music a subgenre of New Mexico music, a style and genre of music originating in […]

  • New Mexico

    geographical name | encyclopedia Pronounced: \noo mek-si-koh, nyoo mek-si-koh\ | IPA:/nu ˈmɛk sɪˌkoʊ, nyu ˈmɛk sɪˌkoʊ/ Definition of New Mexico The State of New Mexico (In Spanish: Estado de Nuevo México. In Navajo: Yootó […]

  • New Mexico chile

    Capsicum Annuum L. 'New Mexico chile' Cultivar of the shrub that produces perennial peppers (capsicum), native to the Americas. The edible fruit of New Mexico chile is a many-seeded, savory and lightly-pungent, long berry; which usually is green and matures to red. The New Mexico chile cultivar grows best along the Rio Grande, the Rio Grande Bosque, and in inland with New Mexico’s unique “landrace” chile.

  • New Mexico shrimp

    Shrimp are commonly eaten decapod crustaceans in coastal cities outside of New Mexico, and usually made available in New Mexico from nearby Texas. However, New Mexico shrimp was developed by New Mexico State University, well-known for its agricultural prowess since its early 1800s horticultural developments on the New Mexico chile pepper. New Mexico shrimp is farm-raised on a humane diet of cottonseed, in a ecologically responsible manner, while still providing plenty of clean water space to ensure clean shrimp. NMSU has developed the New Mexico Shrimp Company to encourage further development.