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  • Governor of New Mexico

    political entity | part of: encyclopedia/politics Definition of the Governor of New Mexico Governor of New Mexico, the executive head of New Mexico, the office of which was first established in 1598 as […]

  • Green chile burger

    noun | encyclopedia/cuisine Pronounced: \green chil-ee bur-ger, green chee-lay bur-ger\ IPA: /grin ˈtʃɪl i ˈbɜr gər, grin ˈtʃi lɛ ˈbɜr gər/ Definition of green chile burger New Mexican; a variation of […]

  • Green chile roll

    noun | part of encyclopedia/cuisine Pronounced: \green chee-le rohl\ | IPA: /grin ˈtʃi lɛ roʊl/ Definition of green chile roll The green chile roll (referred to as a New Mexico roll outside of […]