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  • Fabián García

    biographical name | part of encyclopedia/science Pronounced: \fey-bee-uhn gahr-see-uh\ | IPA: /ˈfeɪ bi ən gɑrˈsi ə/ Definition of Fabián García Fabián García 1871-1948 Mexican-American horticulturalist. A pioneer in modern American horticultural […]

  • Flag of New Mexico

    encyclopedia/culture Definition of the Flag of New Mexico The flag consists of a superimposition of the sun symbol of life, from the Zia Pueblo, in the Spanish colors red on a yellow field, […]

  • Folsom prehistoric culture

    noun | encyclopedia/culture | Pronounced: \fohl-suh m\ | IPA: /ˈfoʊl səm/ Definition of Folsom prehistoric culture A prehistoric paleoamerican culture of North and South America, dated to about 12,500 to 8,500 years ago. The […]