Heaven Sent Gaming’s New Mexico Cultural Encyclopedia and Lexicon. This encyclopedia covers the ever growing culture of New Mexico, which is a multifaceted and diverse subject. This encyclopedia is for mutual understanding of the multicultural state of New Mexico, both within the State and the country at large, it is also for transnational appreciation of its collective culture.

This encyclopedia consists of the main Encyclopedia articles, as well as a vast Lexicon which consists of much more focused encyclopedia entries. Both come from original research from knowledgeable experts, as well as from a wide variety of reliable sources.

The articles are written by lifelong New Mexicans Mario J. Lucero and Isabel Ruiz Lucero, and edited by Jason Waggoner. This is not a publicly editable Wiki, it is an encyclopedia with editorial oversight and vetted writing. Any and all corrections will be noted and publicly made in blog posts.



Our main articles covers topics within a larger scope. The currently available articles are: Architecture, Arts, Cuisine, History, Music, and Symbols.

Lexicon Articles

Our lexicon has much more in depth information. Everything from Al Hurricane to Zía. Be sure to check out our full article list.

Current version and future plans

Currently the encyclopedia is at version 0.02, meaning that it is 1% completed.

Heaven Sent Gaming’s Cultural Encyclopedia of New Mexico

A Cultural Encyclopedia Dedicated to New Mexico, and New Mexican Culture. This encyclopedia is verified, non-user editable, and aims to be as factual as possible about the often overlooked, unique, New Mexican Culture.

0.05 - May 17, 2015 (Covers many key articles, with very little depth or proofreading, but lacks many more key articles)

By Heaven Sent Gaming

Text license available here, images are owned by their respective owners and are fair use, and used for educational and referential reasons. The text license applies to images created by Heaven Sent Gaming, Mario J. Lucero, Isabel Ruiz Lucero, or Jason Waggoner; but any image manipulations or copyright images are owned by and copyright their respective owners and Heaven Sent Gaming does not, and can not, grant license for those images. You can find more information here

Release Notes:

Past Releases:

0.01 - May 5, 2015 (Only covers New Mexico music, with very little depth, and Al Hurricane with first album reviews)

0.02 - December 16, 2020 (Covers several topics with little depth, but scope increased to include food and other information.)

Future Release Plans:

0.1 - Planned, prior listed as 2015. Pushed back due to restructuring, and to ensure reliability of the publication.

0.2 - Coverage of major topics Culture, History, Architecture, Symbols, Major Cities/Towns, Language, Arts, Cuisine, Fiestas

0.3 - Lengthening and strengthening currently available articles, and adding more profiles related to each of the 19 Pueblos, coverage for all major restaurants/chains within the Albuquerque and Santa Fe metros. Improving the coverage of popular music genres within New Mexico. And adding information about major infrastructure, specific architectural examples, libraries, and museums. Add travel guides. Will clarify soon.

0.7 - Rising above the amount of New Mexico related articles currently available on Wikipedia.

1.0 - Adding recipes, information on particular aspects of New Mexico culture. And adding information on how New Mexico fits into the global stage. Will clarify as each revision comes closer.

1.0+ - App will be released. Will seek publisher for National and International physical publication.

The encyclopedia will continue to expand well beyond its 1.0 release.


To anyone who has contributed to New Mexican culture. The Pueblo, the Navajo, the Apache, the Comanche, the Spanish, the colonial era of Santa Fe de Nuevo México, the Mexican and American territories, and the American state.