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  • Santa Fe

    geographic name | part of encyclopedia/places Pronounced: \san-tuh fey\ or \sahn-tah fe\ IPA: /ˈsæn tə ˈfeɪ/ or /ˈsɑn tɑ ˈfɛ/ Definition of Santa Fe The capital city in New Mexico and the county seat of Santa […]

  • Santa Fe de Nuevo México

    noun | encyclopedia/culture Pronounced: \sahn-tah fe de nuevo meheeco\ IPA: /ˈsɑn tɑ ˈfɛ dɛ nweβo ‘mehiko/ Definition of Santa Fe de Nuevo México The colonial and territorial phases of a region in […]

  • Silver City map courtesy of OpenStreetMaps

    Silver City

    geographic name | part of encyclopedia/places Pronounced: \sil-ver sit-ee\ | IPA: /ˈsɪl vər ˈsɪt i/ Definition of Silver City County seat of Grant County, this town is located just south of the Gila National Forest, […]

  • Sopapilla / Frybread / Sopaipilla

    noun | part of encyclopedia/cuisine Pronounced: \saw-pah-pee-yah\ | IPA: /ˌsɔ paˈpi yɑ/ Definition of Sopapilla / Frybread / Sopaipilla New Mexico style sopapillas are a variant of Native American frybread, though the term […]

  • Southwestern American English

    Southwestern American English. The American English language as used in throughout the American Southwest, core states and regions are Arizona, New Mexico, Southern Colorado, Southern Nevada, Southern Utah, and West Texas, with wider definition of it […]

  • Spanish modern culture

    Spanish. A modern culture in New Mexico, first arriving in 1592 and thriving from 1692 to today. The culture is distinguished by their Spanish missions, agricultural prowess, musical and narrative arts, […]

  • Sparx

    musical group | part of encyclopedia/music Pronounced: \spahrks\ | IPA: /spɑrks/ Definition of Sparx From Albuquerque, a New Mexico music group with Latin music crossover appeal. Including band members Veronica, Rosamaria, Kristyna, and […]