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Pronounced: \spahrks\ | IPA: /spɑrks/

Definition of Sparx

From Albuquerque, a New Mexico music group with Latin music crossover appeal. Including band members Veronica, Rosamaria, Kristyna, and Carolina, they are the daughters of Tiny Morrie and Gloria Pohl. An influential group of performers of New Mexico music, Cumbias, Boleros, Rancheras, and Latin pop.

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Cultural significance of Sparx

Sparx’s hit singles, according to the Latin charts by Billboard: “Te Amo, Te Amo, Te Amo” (1994), “Que Debo Hacer” (1995), “Quiero Volver El Tiempo A Tras” (1995), “El Corrido De Juanito” (1996), “Mandame Flores (Ay, Ay, Ay)” (1996), and “No Hay Otro Amor” (2000). Other hit singles by Sparx according to iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, and The Top 15 at 5:00 Weekly Countdown on KANW: “Mejor Me Voy” (1993), “Echale Un Quinto Al Piano” (with Lorenzo Antonio, 1996), “Tus Ojitos Claros” (1999), “Te Quiero Mucho” (2015), “No Te Ama Como Yo” (2016), and “Amor Eterno” (2017). This list is highly incomplete as most of Sparx’s singles chart on various platforms.

Examples of Sparx

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Origin of Sparx

Since their formation in the mid 1980s, Sparx’s style has remained a consistent Latin pop music blend with New Mexico music vibes and rhythms. Their dances and songs often owe their origin to classic and modern Mexican folk songs, as well as an appreciation for New Mexicana themes.

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