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Southwestern American English

Southwestern American English. The American English language as used in throughout the American Southwest, core states and regions are Arizona, New Mexico, Southern Colorado, Southern Nevada, Southern Utah, and West Texas, with wider definition of it including the Southern American states of Texas and Oklahoma, and the Western American states of California, Colorado, Nevada, and Utah. It consists of multiple dialects mainly including Arizonan English, Navajo English, and New Mexican English; and other dialects being Californian English, Texan English, Western American English, West Coast English, and multiple Native American English dialects. Other States that influence the dialect of the Southwestern American English language are other states in the American West; Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

Standard Southwestern American English

Usually, the most common traits of Southwestern American English include loan words from Spanish and Native American dialects. According to studies by the University of Hawaii, the most common trait in Southwestern American English are loanwords, the most popular being Spanish; caballero, cantina, frijoles, madre, mesa, padre, patio, plaza, ramada, and tortilla.


Sub-dialects of Southwestern American English are due to regional variations. More specifically, Arizonan English, Navajo English, and New Mexican English.

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