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Fabián García

biographical name | part of encyclopedia/science
Pronounced: \fey-bee-uhn gahr-see-uh\ | IPA: /ˈfeɪ bi ən gɑrˈsi ə/

Definition of Fabián García

Fabián García 1871-1948 Mexican-American horticulturalist. A pioneer in modern American horticultural studies, influential due to his work in developing the modern New Mexico chile pepper.

also see: lexicon/new-mexico-chile

Examples of Fabián García

Origin of

Fabián García

Fabián García. born in Chihuahua, New Mexico, in 1871, to Ricardo García and Refugio Romero de García. After he was orphaned, his grandmother Doña Jacoba García brought Fabián to the Mimbres Valley at the age of two. As a teenager they moved to the Mesilla Valley, his grandmother got employment at Casad Orchard, one of the largest fruit producers in New Mexico. Thomas Casad and the Casad family offered Fabián financial support to further his education. He attended New Mexico College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts (now known as New Mexico State University) he was among the first in the graduating class of 1894. During his college career he was on the football team, and was the president of Columbian Literary Society. He married Julieta Amador in 1907, the Amador family was one of one of the earliest settlers after the Gadsden Purchase annexed this part of New Mexico Territory to the United States.

First Known Use: 20th century