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Ne No Nu

New Mexicana music

noun / music genre | encyclopedia/music

Pronounced: \noo mek-si-kah-naw\ | IPA: /nu ˈmɛk sɪˈkæn ə/

Definition of New Mexicana music

a subgenre of New Mexico music, a style and genre of music originating in New Mexico, merging Americana music styles and traditions. Typified by its usage of acoustic guitar, banjo, and violin, with lyrics in New Mexican English, other Southwestern American English dialects, and sometimes New Mexican Spanish. Accompaniments from New Mexico music are common, particularly Western music, Ranchera, Americana music, American roots music, Rock music, and Native American music.

Examples of New Mexicana music

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Origin of New Mexicana music

Essentially hybrid in origin, New Mexicana music includes elements of multiple distinct musical traditions within New Mexico; specifically New Mexico music and Americana music. Emerging in the 20th century, with several New Mexico music songs being reminiscent of American roots and folk music styles. The term was first coined in the 21st century by Boris McCutcheon, who used it to describe his genre of music.

Alternate spellings exist; Música Nuevo Mexicana, New Mexico Americana, and New Mexicana.
Stylistic origins: • New Mexico music • Americana music
Cultures: • New Mexican modern culture • American modern culture • New Mexicana
Popular Artists: Boris McCutcheon and The Salt Links, Chris J Arellano, and Richmond.
Typical instruments: • Bowed strings: Double Bass, Fiddle, Violin • Percussion: Accordion, Bullroarer, Drums, Drumsticks, Rattles, Rasp, Tarola • Keyboards: Tack piano, Melodica, Organ (Pump/Electronic), Piano • Strings: Acoustic guitar, Bajo sexto, Banjo, Bass, Dobro, Electric bass guitar, Electric guitar, Guitar, Harp, Mandolin, Pedal steel guitar, Spanish guitar, Steel guitar, Synthesizer • Wind instruments: Anasazi flute, Flute, Saxophone, Trumpets • Vocals (Usually in New Mexican Spanish, New Mexican English, and Native American languages) • Exclamations (Grito Mexicano and Whistles).
Derivative forms: New Mexico music variations of Banda, Corrido, Country & Western music, Mariachi, Ranchera, and Rock music. There is a genre in Colorado that fuses New Mexico music with Tejano music, it is called Cojano.
Related genres: New Mexico music, Americana music, Country music, Western music, and American Roots music.