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  • Pueblo Revival architecture 

    pueblo revival. Style of design and interior decoration popular within New Mexico and Arizona, and seen throughout the American Southwest. It took its name from the ancient buildings built in 700-1600AD by […]

  • Al Hurricane, Jr.

    Alberto Nelson Sanchez Jr. 1959- American musician. Al Hurricane, Jr.. The son of Al Hurricane, a leading music performer of New Mexico music, influential rock musician and contributor to New Mexico's music scene.

  • New Mexico chile

    Capsicum Annuum L. 'New Mexico chile' Cultivar of the shrub that produces perennial peppers (capsicum), native to the Americas. The edible fruit of New Mexico chile is a many-seeded, savory and lightly-pungent, long berry; which usually is green and matures to red. The New Mexico chile cultivar grows best along the Rio Grande, the Rio Grande Bosque, and in inland with New Mexico’s unique “landrace” chile.