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Pueblo Revival architecture 

pueblo revival. Style of design and interior decoration popular within New Mexico and Arizona, and seen throughout the American Southwest. It took its name from the ancient buildings built in 700-1600AD by the Anasazi and Pueblo from New Mexico and parts of Arizona. The Pueblo Revival style, popular since around 1920, is characterized by earth-toned adobe-textures, simplified lines, and the appearance of wooden beams and trimmings. The revival style began in 1894 as an imitation in Ventura, California, of the Pueblo buildings from New Mexico. Their first New Mexican appearance was at The University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, during a 1908 remodel, began to incorporate the style. Mass production and low-cost tough materials, like concrete and brick, are used in the more modern era; various newer developments include looser interpretations of the architectural style, and creative blends of the architectural styles.

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