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Al Hurricane, Jr.

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Pronounced: Al Hur·ri·cane Jun·ior \al hur-i-keyn joon-yer\ | IPA: /ˈæl ˈhɜr ɪˌkeɪn ˈdʒun yər/

Definition of Al Hurricane, Jr.

Alberto Nelson Sanchez Jr. from Albuquerque, a New Mexico music artist known as “The Godson of New Mexico Music”. He is he son of Al Hurricane, and is a leading music performer of New Mexico music, influential rock musician, and contributor to New Mexico’s music scene.

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Cultural significance of Al Hurricane, Jr. within New Mexico

Al Hurricane, Jr. has built his own legacy, and maintained the legacy of his father. In 1975 he released his El Joven album, which featured his first hit single “El Pintor” which had been released a few years earlier and had garnered playtime with the New Mexico music scene. The following year, he had another hit on his eponymous album with 1976’s “Flor De Las Flores”. His regular appearances on the Val De La O Show, alongside his father Al Hurricane, uncles Tiny Morrie and Baby Gaby, helped his music shape the sound of New Mexico music during the 20th century and his own lasting legacy. He had been performing music since he was a teenager, regularly charting New Mexico radio and on KANW’s New Mexico music albums. During the early ’80s, like other country-Western stalwarts he joined the ranks of a supergroup, called Bandido. Afterward he remained a regular at most fiestas throughout New Mexico and the Southwestern United States.

Al Hurricane Junior’s hit singles: “El Pintor” (1973), “Flor de las Flores” (1976), “El Gallo Celoso” (1977), “Low Ojos De Pancha” (1977), “Acabame De Matar” (1977), “Ojitos Soñadores” (197?), “Que Te Parece” (198?), “Mi Prieta Linda” (198?), “Copa Tras Copa” (198?), “Una Estrellita Lloro” (198?), “Flor De Maria” (198?), “Jealous Heart (Celoso)” (199?), “Lagrimitas Tristes” (199?), “Porque?” (200?), and “Chaparrita Consentida” (2015).

Examples of Al Hurricane, Jr.

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Origin of Al Hurricane, Jr.

Alberto Nelson Sanchez, Jr. was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on October 30, 1959, to Alberto Nelson Sanchez and Nettie M. Fleming. Known as The Godfather’s son he is a well-recognized musician; he is also a defining musician within the New Mexico Music genre. He is a member of the musically-inclined Sanchez family, being the son of Al Hurricane alongside his uncles Tiny Morrie and Baby Gaby, brother Jerry Dean, sister Erika, nephew Christian Sanchez, and cousins Lorenzo Antonio and the members of Sparx.


Alternate spellings exist; El Joven, The Godson of New Mexico music, The Godfather’s son.
First Known Use: 20th century

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