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Baby Gaby

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Pronounced: \bey-bee gey-bee\ | IPA: /ˈbeɪ bi ˈgeɪ bi/

Definition of Baby Gaby

Gabriel R. Sanchez 1942- American musician. Baby Gaby. a leading music performer of New Mexico music, influential since the rock ‘n’ roll era, well through, to the modern era.

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Cultural significance of Baby Gaby within New Mexico

Baby Gaby’s hit singles: “Pepito”, “La Cumbia De San Antone”, “Mexican Cowboy”, “El Bracero”, “Tipi Tipi Tin”, “Estrellita”, “When I Walk Out That Door”, “Me Voy Al Amanecer”, and “Maldita Suerte”.

Examples of Baby Gaby

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Origin of Baby Gaby

Gabriel R. Sanchez was born in 1942, to Jose and Bennie Sanchez. He is known for his contributions to Corridos, Ranchera, and Mariachi music within New Mexico. he is also a defining musician within the New Mexico Music genre. He is a member of the musically-inclined Sanchez Family.


First Known Use: 20th century

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