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Constitution of the State of New Mexico

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Definition of the Constitution of the State of New Mexico

The Constitution of the State of New Mexico, the basic written set of principles and precedents of State government in the U.S. State of New Mexico, which came into operation in 1912 and has sections by twenty-four articles.

Examples of the Constitution of the State of New Mexico

Origin of the Constitution of the State of New Mexico

Adopted by the Constitutional Convention in Santa Fe on January 21, 1911, it became effective by President Howard Taft on January 6, 1912. Numerous attempts of requesting a Constitutional Convention for New Mexico was attempted since the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848.

Alternate spellings exist; Constitución del Estado de Nuevo México, New Mexico Constitution, and the State Constitution of New Mexico.
First Known Use: 19th Century (first proposed), 20th Century (adopted).