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El Gringo

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Pronounced: \el gring-goh\ | IPA: /ɛl ˈgrɪŋ goʊ/

Definition of El Gringo

Shawn Kiehne (born 1976) is an American musician known as El Gringo. A performer of New Mexico music, with substantial latin music crossover appeal in the Regional Mexican, Norteño and Ranchera genres.


Cultural significance of El Gringo

El Gringo’s hit singles: “Siepre y Siempre Amen” (2005, a New Mexico music version of country artist Randy Travis’ single “Forever And Ever, Amen”), “Algo Sucedió” (2007), “A Poco No (Si No Estas)” (2009), “Vampiresa” (2010), “Un Tipo Romantico” (2012), and “Cervezas, Fiestas y Señoritas” (2015). His singles primarily chart and receive recognition on New Mexico music charts, but similar to Sparx and Lorenzo Antonio he is known for his crossover success in the broader Regional Mexican music scene.

Examples of El Gringo

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Origin of El Gringo

Shawn Kiehne was born in Las Lunas, New Mexico, in approximately 1976, to parents of German descent. He was raised partially on his father’s ranch outside of El Paso, around Mexican and New Mexican vaqueros. His first international success was with the single “Algo Sucedió”, of which he also recorded a duet version with Jenni Rivera. He has also performed with several of his New Mexico music contemporaries, including Cuarenta y Cinco and AJ Martinez.

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