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Cuarenta y Cinco

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Pronounced: \kwawr-en-tai sing-koh\ | IPA: /ˈkwɔr ɛn taɪ sɪŋ koʊ/

Definition of Cuarenta y Cinco

New Mexico music group (1991–) including band members Ernie Montoya, Matthew Cordova, John Ortiz, and Jason Trujillo. An influential group of performers of New Mexico music.


Cultural significance of Cuarenta y Cinco

Cuarenta y Cinco’s hit singles: “Las Nieves De Enero” (1992), “La Llorona Loca” (1995), “Eres Casado” (2000), “Ingratos Ojos Mios” (2007), and “Viejo El Viento” (2007). They are also known for preforming New Mexico music variety band versions of Ranchera, Corrido, Oldies, and Country and Western musics.

Examples of Cuarenta y Cinco

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Origin of Cuarenta y Cinco

Cuarenta y Cinco style has remained a consistent New Mexico music blend with surf rock and high-spirited rhythms, their song-choices often reflect an appreciation for New Mexicana.

First Known Use: 21st century