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Chei Yazhi

restaurant chain | encyclopedia/cuisine
Pronounced: \shey yah-shey\ | IPA: /ʃeɪ yɑ-ʃeɪ/

Definition of Chei Yazhi

A Navajo Nation style New Mexican cuisine fast food restaurant in Shiprock at the Shiprock Flea Market. A dine-in and take-out restaurant, serving mainly Navajo burgers as well as cuts of meat (usually mutton or ribs), various stews, and ách’ii’.

Examples of Chei Yazhi

The restaurant emphasizes understated Native American and New Mexicana themes, focusing on Navajo cuisine with some New Mexican cuisine elements including green chile.

Origin of Chei Yazhi

The term “chei yazhi” means “little grandpa” in the Navajo language.

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