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Blake’s Lotaburger

restaurant chain | encyclopedia/cuisine | Pronounced: \bleyks loh-tuh bur-ger\ | IPA: /bleɪks ˈloʊ tə ˈbɜr gər/

Definition of Blake’s Lotaburger

An iconic New Mexican cuisine fast food restaurant chain in Albuquerque. The company, established in 1952 by Blake Chanslor. Blake’s Lotaburger emphasizes Americana themes, and foods such as fast food New Mexican cuisine and the Lotaburger.

Examples of Blake’s Lotaburger

blakeslotaburger menu
Menu, back in 2015, they have added many items since then. Most famously their Blake’s Sauce (a New Mexico chile infused sauce) and a seasonal biscochito shake (source http://www.lotaburger.com/menu/). They also have their own cultivar of New Mexico chile.

Origin of Blake’s Lotaburger

In 1952, Blake Chanslor started the restaurant in Albuquerque, New Mexico, as a take-out restaurant serving mainly inexpensive burgers and fries. He opened his first two chain restaurants in Albuquerque in 1953, and expanded the chain across the city. The franchise is currently owned by brothers Ronald C.  Rule and Brian Rule. And they have maintained control of the Blake’s Lotaburger concept, service, and products. The restaurant currently runs nearly 78 restaurants throughout New Mexico, three in Texas, and one in Arizona. The various expansions of Blake’s Lotaburger has made its logo, red cursif “Blake’s” above the “Lotaburger” in sans-serif caps , and their mascot the Blake’s Man, a symbol of New Mexican fast food alongside Mac’s Steak In The Rough’s logo.

Alternate names: Blake’s, Lotaburger, Lot-a-burger.

First Known Use: 20th century

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