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Ta Te Ti


geographic name | part of encyclopedia/places
Pronounced: \tous\
IPA: /taʊs/

Definition of Taos

A town in New Mexico, the center of the larger Taos Micropolitan Area, and the county seat of Taos County. This town is located in Northern New Mexico surrounded by the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Currently known as an arts, jewelry, and textile works, with a strong connection to its Spanish and neighboring Taos Pueblo roots, within its modern American culture. The city covers a total of approximately 5.4sq mi within a metropolitan area that covers nearly 2,204sq mi, with a current population, according to the 2015 census estimates, of 5,740 people and 32,907 in its micropolitan area.

Located at about 6,969 feet above sea level. The terrain ranges from hudsonian forest, piñon-juniper woodland, canadian forest, to volcanic field.

Examples of Taos


The main streets of Taos are Camino de la Placitas, Paseo de Pueblo Sur (US 64 & NM 68), Ranchitos Road (NM 240), Kit Carson Road (US 64), and Paseo Del Canon (NM 585). Landmarks include Taos Plaza in Taos Downtown Historic District, San Francisco de Asis Church, several museums and art galleries including Harwood Museum of New Mexico and Kit Carson Home and Museum, and of course the neighboring namesake of the town the Taos Pueblo. Several trails and open spaces including Kit Carson Park and the multiple trails in and around the Carson National Forest. There are three municipal parks, and numerous arts venues.

Origin of Taos

The Taos Pueblo culture first called this area their home, their neighboring structures have been coninuously inhabited since 1000AD the Pueblo continues to border the town to the north. The Spanish established Don Fernando de Taos in 1615, abandoned after the Pueblo revolt in 1680, and re-established in the late 1700s.

First Known Use: 16th century.

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