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Pí pí hearted

adjective | encyclopedia/language | Pronounced: \pee·​pee harted\ | IPA: /ˈpēˈpē ˈhär-təd /

Definition of pí pí hearted (pronounced pee pee hearted)

— being of timid demeanor


Examples of pí pí hearted

Don’t be all pí pí hearted.
Went to get some Blake’s without my friend, now they’re pí pí hearted!
Why so pí pí hearted?

Origin of pí pí hearted

New Mexican English. Application of Spanish onomatopoeia pío pío, the sound a baby chicken or bird makes, as an English alteration of chicken hearted; a turn-of-phrase describing someone cowardly.

Alternate spellings exist; Pí pí hearted, pípí hearted, pí-pí hearted, pee pee hearted, peepee hearted, and pea pea hearted.
First Known Use: 20th century