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Mogollon prehistoric culture

Mogollon a prehistoric paleoamerican culture of Northern Mexico and the Southwestern United States, dated to about 500 A.D. to 1200 A.D. The culture is distinguished by their advanced agricultural abilities, pottery and textile arts, and their architectural structures such as the Kiva. These people were the ancestors to the modern Pueblos, particularly of the Zuni and the Hopi, and were located in what is now known as the American Southwest (New Mexico, Arizona) and Northern Mexico (Chihuahua and Sonora). They were not as interested in architectural prowess as much as their neighbors; the Hisatsinom (Ancient Puebloans), Hohokam, and the Aztec. Their primary focus was on agricultural prowess, they excelled in water control through the use of arroyos and aqueducts.

Factoid: The Mogollon, Ancient Puebloans, and Hohokam were the primary forces throughout the prehistoric American Southwest, and their presence is still felt today, beyond their ancient structures even modern building harkens back to their monoliths.

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