Interjection | encyclopedia/language | Pronounced: \ˈü-ē, ˈȯi\ | IPA: /ˈu:ˈi:/

Definition of Hui/Ooey/Oouie

—used to express fear, surprise, and the desire to abscond


Examples of Hui/Ooey/Oouie

That was loud, hui, what was that sound?
The train almost fell off the tracks, hui!
Hui, that lightning strike was very close!

Origin of Hui/Ooey/Oouie

New Mexican English. Misunderstanding of Spanish conjugation hui, meaning to run away or evade, as an English alteration (from misdivision of a goo) of ooey gooey, from burgoo of unknown origin; akin to hardtack and molasses cooked together.

Alternate spellings exist; Hui, Ooey, Oouiy, Ooi, and Ooie.
First Known Use: 20th century


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