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He Hi Hu


Interjection | encyclopedia/language | Pronounced: \ˈü-ē, ˈȯi\ | IPA: /ˈu:ˈi:/

Definition of Hui (pronounced Ooey/Oouie)

—used to express fear, surprise, and the desire to abscond


Examples of Hui

That was all scary, hui, what was that?
The train almost fell off the tracks, hui!
Hui, that lightning strike was very close!

Origin of Hui

New Mexican English. Application of Spanish conjugation hui, meaning to run away or evade, as an English alteration (from misdivision of a goo) of ooey gooey, from burgoo of unknown origin, to describe something as being off putting; akin to hardtack and molasses cooked together.

Alternate spellings exist; Hui, Ooey, Oouiy, Ooi, and Ooie.
First Known Use: 20th century