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geographic name | part of encyclopedia/places | Pronounced: \kloh-vis\ | IPA: /ˈkloʊ vɪs/

Definition of Clovis

Silver City - Bullard and Broadway
Clovis – Streetview

The county seat of Curry County, this town is located in the Llano Estacado. Known for its importance within rock-and-roll and country music, its nearby location to Cannon Air Force Base, the discovery of the remains of the Clovis prehistoric culture, its numerous parks and open space areas, and as an agricultural community. The city covers a total of approximately 22.9sq mi, with a current population, according to the 2010 census, of 37,775 people. Located at about 4,285 feet above sea level. The terrain ranges from bunchgrass prairie to chaparral.

Examples of Clovis


The main streets of Clovis are Main Street, Prince Street (NM 209), Norris Street, 7th Street, 21st Street (A Airport Highway / NM 253), Llano Estacado Boulevard, Grand Avenue and 1st Street (US 60 / US 85), Brady Avenue, and Mabry Drive (US 60 / US 70 / US 85). Landmarks include Clovis Main Street, the Rock n’ Roll Museum, Norman & Vi Petty Studios, the Blackwater Draw Museum, Ned Houk Memorial Park, Goodwin Lake Park and Trail, Hillcrest Zoo in Hillcrest Park, Chaparral Country Club, Greene Lake in Greene Acres Park, and Dennis Chavez Park.


New Mexican cuisine: Dining experiences are El Rancho Restaurant, Foxy Drive-In, and Leal’s. New Mexican fast food: don’t underestimate NM fast food such as the local Taco Box. American cuisine: Baby J’s Grille, Furr’s, K-Bob’s Steakhouse, and Red Lobster. New American cuisine: Vines. Other choices: Don Maria’s, Roma’s Italian Restaurant, Saeng’s Orient, Shogun Steak House, Taqueria Jalisco, Thai City, and Twin Cronnie Drive-In. Deserts and Beverages: Coffee Bistro.

Origin of Clovis

The Clovis prehistoric culture first called this area their home, later on the Apache and Comanche occupied the area. The Spanish modern culture arrived with Francisco Vázquez de Coronado, he referred to the entire the Llano Estacado as a “Sea of Grass”. Clovis itself was founded in 1906 as “Riley’s Switch” on the Santa Fe Railway. The town was renamed Clovis, by the daughter of a railroad official who was studying the 5th century Christian King, after Clovis of the Franks.

Alternate spellings exist; Riley’s Switch.
First Known Use:20th century.