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  • Baby Gaby

    biographical name | encyclopedia/music Pronounced: \bey-bee gey-bee\ | IPA: /ˈbeɪ bi ˈgeɪ bi/ Definition of Baby Gaby Gabriel R. Sanchez 1942- American musician. Baby Gaby. a leading music performer of New Mexico […]

  • Mi Saxophone album

    Mi Saxophone. Al Hurricane’s debut album, released around 1968. “Mi Saxophone” – 2:17 “Tres Noches” – 2:32 “Triste y Solito” – 2:56 “Maldita Suerte” – 3:19 “Sin Ti” – 2:51 “Sentimiento” […]

  • Tiny Morrie

    biographical name | part of encyclopedia/music Pronounced: \tahy-nee mohr-ee\ | IPA: /taɪ ni mɔr i/ Definition of Tiny Morrie Amador Mauricio “Tiny Morrie” Sanchez (born 1940 in Ojo Zarco) a leading New […]

  • Live At The Kimo

    Live At The Kimo. A set of two live albums, recorded on February 16, 2011, at The Kimo Theatre, and released around 2014. We have a review related to this album. Volume […]

  • Al Hurricane, Jr.

    Alberto Nelson Sanchez Jr. 1959- American musician. Al Hurricane, Jr.. The son of Al Hurricane, a leading music performer of New Mexico music, influential rock musician and contributor to New Mexico's music scene.

  • Al Hurricane

    Alberto Nelson Sanchez, from Dixon, a New Mexico music artist known as "The Godfather of New Mexico music". A leading music performer for approximately half-a-century, his music has remained influential since the rock 'n' roll era, well through, to the modern era.