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  • Ancient Pueblo (Hisatsinom / Anasazi) prehistoric culture

    A prehistoric paleoamerican culture of Northern Mexico and the Southwestern United States, dated to about 7000 B.C. to 1600 A.D. The culture is distinguished by their agricultural abilities, advanced pottery and textile arts, and their architectural abilities in pithouses, pueblos, and cliff dwellings. These people are the ancestors to the modern Pueblos, and were located in what is now known as the Four Corners (Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona) region, and had multiple roadways for religious and trade purposes.

  • Blake’s Lotaburger

    restaurant chain | encyclopedia/cuisine | Pronounced: \bleyks loh-tuh bur-ger\ | IPA: /bleɪks ˈloʊ tə ˈbɜr gər/ Definition of Blake’s Lotaburger An iconic New Mexican cuisine fast food restaurant chain in Albuquerque. The company, […]

  • Dixon

    geographic name | part of encyclopedia/places Pronounced: \dik-suh n\ | IPA: /ˈdɪk sən/ Definition of Dixon Dixon, due to its funnel-shaped mountains it was formerly known as Embudo or El Puerto del Embudo de Nuestro Señor San […]

  • Hui

    See: Hui/Ooey/Oouie

  • Pueblo modern culture

    Pueblo.  Although the Pueblo modern culture dates back to 1680, that date only corresponds to that of the Pueblo Revolt. The Pueblo actually go back to Ancient Puebloans (Hisatsinom / Anasazi) prehistoric […]

  • Santa Fe de Nuevo México

    noun | encyclopedia/culture Pronounced: \sahn-tah fe de nuevo meheeco\ IPA: /ˈsɑn tɑ ˈfɛ dɛ nweβo ‘mehiko/ Definition of Santa Fe de Nuevo México The colonial and territorial phases of a region in […]

  • Southwestern American English

    Southwestern American English. The American English language as used in throughout the American Southwest, core states and regions are Arizona, New Mexico, Southern Colorado, Southern Nevada, Southern Utah, and West Texas, with wider definition of it […]

  • Zia

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