Folsom prehistoric culture

noun | encyclopedia/culture | Pronounced: \fohl-suh m\ | IPA: /ˈfoʊl səm/

Definition of Folsom prehistoric culture

A prehistoric paleoamerican culture of North and South America, dated to about 12,500 to 8,500 years ago. The culture is distinguished by stone flake “Folsom point” bifaced blades, tools, and spear points; these tools were similar to the prior Clovis prehistoric culture’s Clovis points, but these points were shorter. The Folsom are often assumed to be the descendants of the Clovis.


Examples of Folsom prehistoric culture

Origin of Folsom prehistoric culture

The first Folsom points were discovered in 1932. The name comes from the area near the town of Folsom, New Mexico, where remains were first found.
Factoid: Both the Clovis and Folsom cultures would used weaponry that was designed to break off into their target.
Alternate spellings exist; Folsom.
First Known Use: 20th century

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