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restaurant chain | encyclopedia/cuisine Pronounced: \ter-uh-yah-kee chik-uh n\ | IPA: /ˌtɛr əˈyɑ ki ˈtʃɪk ən/ Definition of Teriyaki Chicken Bowl Teriyaki Chicken Bowl is a quintessential Japanese cuisine fast food restaurant chain in Albuquerque. Originally founded in the early 1980s, as a drive-in and take-out restaurant, serving mainly an inexpensive donbori with teriyaki sauce, grilled chicken, vegetables, and Japanese sticky […]Continue reading


territorial revival Style of design and interior decoration popular within New Mexico, and seen throughout the American Southwest. It took its name from the building styles during the Mexican and American territorial periods. The Territorial Revival style, popular since around 1930, is characterized by simple textures, usually brick or adobe, and the appearance of Gothic […]Continue reading


geographical name | encyclopedia Pronounced: \tek-suhs\ | IPA:/ˈtɛk səs/ Definition of Texas Texas is a State in the Southern United States of America, it has been a province and territory as Coahuila and Texas, the current territorial borders also encompass some parts that were once part of Chihuahua, Santa Fe de Nuevo México, and the Louisiana Purchase. The State is proud of […]Continue reading