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  • McDonald's New Mexico


    restaurant chain | part of encyclopedia/cuisine Pronounced: \mehk-don-lds\ | IPA: /məkˈdɒn lds/ Definition of McDonald’s An iconic international American cuisine fast food restaurant chain from San Bernardino, California, and currently headquartered in Des Plaines, Illinois. […]

  • Fabián García

    biographical name | part of encyclopedia/science Pronounced: \fey-bee-uhn gahr-see-uh\ | IPA: /ˈfeɪ bi ən gɑrˈsi ə/ Definition of Fabián García Fabián García 1871-1948 Mexican-American horticulturalist. A pioneer in modern American horticultural […]

  • Sopapilla / Frybread / Sopaipilla

    noun | part of encyclopedia/cuisine Pronounced: \saw-pah-pee-yah\ | IPA: /ˌsɔ paˈpi yɑ/ Definition of Sopapilla / Frybread / Sopaipilla New Mexico style sopapillas are a variant of Native American frybread, though the term […]

  • Chei Yazhi

    restaurant chain | encyclopedia/cuisine Pronounced: \shey yah-shey\ | IPA: /ʃeɪ yɑ-ʃeɪ/ Definition of Chei Yazhi A Navajo Nation style New Mexican cuisine fast food restaurant in Shiprock at the Shiprock Flea Market. A […]

  • Green chile roll

    noun | part of encyclopedia/cuisine Pronounced: \green chee-le rohl\ | IPA: /grin ˈtʃi lɛ roʊl/ Definition of green chile roll The green chile roll (referred to as a New Mexico roll outside of […]

  • Biscochitos / bizcochitos

    noun | part of encyclopedia/cuisine Pronounced: \beez-coh-chee-tohz\ \biz-coh-chee-tohz\ | IPA: /biz koʊ tʃi toʊz/ Definition of biscochitos / bizcochitos affectionate/diminutive term for bizcocho “cake” in Spanish, literally “little cakes” or “baby cakes”. New Mexican; […]

  • Calabacitas

    noun | encyclopedia/cuisine Pronounced: \kah-lah-bah-see-tahs\ | IPA: /ˌkɑ lɑˈ bɑ ˈsi tɑs/ Definition of calabacitas a traditional sautéed dish, of New Mexican origin, consisting of yellow squash, zucchini, onions, and optionally New […]

  • New Mexican cuisine

    noun | encyclopedia/cuisine Definition of New Mexican cuisine New Mexican cuisine is rooted in a blend of the traditional foods of Pueblo and Neomexicano communities, adapted and modified most prominently […]